Ron Hershco and Real Estate Upgrades

It’s interesting to see how things change over time. Recently, Ron Hershco saw the new One World Trade go up and forever change the NYC skyline. Even more recently, Firemen’s Hall, at 155 Mercer Street went under a few extreme renovations and turned the corner to make some great improvements.

According to The New York Times, here’s a little history on Firemen’s hall:

Firemen’s Hall, used for two fire companies and as the volunteers’ headquarters. The New York Times described the style of the brownstone facade as “Italian, or in other words, a composition of Greek and Roman, applied by the Italians to modern building.”

According to The Times account, written when the cornerstone was laid, the building was to be surmounted with three pedestals, the center one with a full-size statue of a fireman, “the same one who has stood sentry for so many years in front of the old Hall,” which had been on the same site.

At the end of the ceremony, the department was presented with the skiff that in 1842 had floated from the Croton Aqueduct to the new reservoir in Central Park, which greatly improved not only the city’s water purity but its firefighting capacity.

What was once a bit of an eyesore has turned into one of the chic real estate developments on 2013. The building was completely redone with a touch of its old charm. Have you seen any other developments around NYC that have been recast from old to new?

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