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Ron Hershco makes a stunning contribution to NYC’s skyline and New Yorkers’ housing needs

In the Spring of 2006, New York developer Ron Hershco broke ground on a $400 million, two-tower project showcasing the tallest new tower construction in Brooklyn. The 400 feet structure led the way as the first ground-up residential high rise construction, following the rezoning of the area to allow larger residential and commercial developments. The glass and brick tower has revolutionized residential construction building, featuring 303 condominium homes, a 50-foot lap pool, squash court, indoor basketball court, and fully-equipped fitness center, to name a few of the amenities offered.

In a microcosm, Mr. Hershco’s project reflects some of the key elements New York City is known for: innovation, pioneer in business ideas and opportunities, and a leader in tall building construction. The history of NYC is replete with success stories of people of vision and integrity who have risen to the top of their game through hard work, unwavering dedication, and an edge of competitiveness. Skyscrapers and competition are nothing new to NYC. Take for instance the city’s race to holding the title of having the tallest and most unusual skyscrapers in history of the city, the country, perhaps the world even.

New York City’s skyline is dominated by skyscrapers, with 5,818 completed high-rises – 92 of which stand taller than 600 feet – and the city is home to the world’s first tall commercial buildings. The first tall office building to go up was the Equitable Building. Within five short years its height was doubled by the New York Tribune Building. Today, the Empire State Building has the title of NYC’s tallest building, with 102 stories and rising to 1,250 feet (not adding in its antenna). The Empire State Building was surpassed only by the 110-story North Tower of the original World Trade Center, which was tragically brought down by terrorist attacks in 2001. Once completed, the new One World Trade Center is expected to surpass the height of the Empire State Building.

Tall buildings have a long and colorful history in the United States. In the 1880s the term “skyscraper” was coined, following the emergence of the first dozen or so tall buildings in the country. This was possible due to a combination of innovations, to include steel structures, elevators, central heating, electrical plumbing pumps, and the telephone. Blazing a trail was The Flatiron Building, one of New York City’s first skyscrapers, built in 1902 by George Fuller’s company. George Fuller helped solve the problem of load bearing capacities of tall buildings.

New York City’s skyscrapers have greatly contributed to its vibrant and rich history. Along with other developers and architects, Mr. Hershco and his development company have been instrumental in helping to write the history of America’s largest city. Without Mr. Hershco’s vision, and others like him, the growing housing needs of New Yorkers could not be met, especially as the population continues to grow.

Developer Ron Hershco makes a contribution to NYC’s architectural style

Visitors can get a flavor for the time periods that have come and gone as they stroll the streets of NYC and observe the various building architectural designs of past decades. Developer Ron Hershco and Ismael Leyva Architects have made a contribution to the architectural style that is distinctly New York City with the addition of the 21-story 85 Flatbush Avenue building, featuring 108 units, a swimming pool, and retail space. Additionally, Mr Hershco was responsible for the construction of Oro (a pair of towers: 35 and 40 feet tall, respectively), which was built by Plaza Construction and designed by Leyva. The complex has 515 condominiums.

In 2007 rezoning had opened the door to condominium developers in Brooklyn, but the shift then was away from luxury condos and waterfront high-rises to affordable housing. Some worried that the economic and ethnic diversity that made the borough so popular to begin with would be lost unless smart choices were made in growth and development. Brooklyn was certainly going through a transformation. According to U.S. Census data 9,191 permits were issued for privately owned residential units in 2006, as compared to 9,028 in 2005, the highest among all five boroughs.

The needs and trends of the time have an impact on architecture. New York City was founded in 1664, became the capital of the U.S. from 1785 to 1790, and has been the largest American city since then. With such a large population it comes as no surprise that the city has one of the most diverse architectures in the country, from Art Deco to Postmodernism styles. Two popular buildings display characteristics of Art Deco (1920-1930): The Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. The Woolworth, another popular NYC building, with its stone facade and angular aesthetic, gives us a sampling of Gothic Revival architecture, popular long before Art Deco, in the 1740s.

The Flatiron Building is built in Chicago School design, which was the first style to use steel frames, allowing builders to reach high in the sky. The recognizable wedge shape of this historic building marks the innovation of a skeletal structure that is capable of holding such great weight. Many other cities have borrowed this style to fashion their own smaller versions.

Other architectural designs that can be found in the high-rises of NYC include the Historicist style of the Liberty Tower, Brutalism as evidenced in the Ruppert Tower, and Postmodernism as seen in the Broad Financial Center. Many other classic designs exist among the many NYC buildings. And in modern day, other styles follow the classic ones of yesteryears.

Developers, builders, and architects have an awesome responsibility to the city, its residents, history, and future. People like Mr. Hershco are aware of the conflicting needs being addressed: there are housing needs to accommodate the growing population, environmental concerns to address, political and legal red tape to untangle, staying true to the look and feel of the landscape, and economic issues to keep in mind, among others. The architecture of an area tells a story and developers like Mr. Hershco help write that story.

Drop a Name Like Ron Hershco and You Might Get Some Attention

That’s what happened a few years back when a blogger misquoted the real estate developer regarding a building project that was supposedly to be undertaken by the city at the Whitman/Ingersoll Houses. The entire incident calls to mind the type of issues that face both the city and developers like Ron Hershco and the plight of the residents of many of the city’s public housing establishments.

The allegation of the blog was regarding the converting of the public housing into condos that would innately elbow out the current residents which is a fear that would not be without basis as the neighborhood has seen a transition in the last several years. Some projects have undertaken to preserve the residents in older and dilapidated buildings while other buildings close by have turned into luxury high-rises far beyond the reach of working class neighbors. The fear would be to be slowly excluded from the ones own neighborhood or even disappear entirely from its landscape.

Wrong Type of Attention Doesn’t Advance Renovation

Although the aforementioned allegations by the blog concerning Ron Hershco brought attention to the cities projects at the Whitman/Ingersoll Houses, it was indeed the wrong type of attention for the residents in the public housing establishment who had needed to move out for the buildings to be renovated. The project is still ongoing, and the city has insisted on its intentions of the residents being able to move back as many expressed desire to do so.

The fears of unoccupied apartments being used by drug-dealers is a valid fear that many have during the city’s work at renovation. The projects budget in order to adequately terminate all the projects involved including roofing, etc. would certainly constitute valid concerns. The duration of said renovations and the plight of families during the interim constitute other valid concerns. Creating public hysteria based on uncorroborated information is probably a bit less than valid. It’s the type of thing that really tends to waste needless energy of all involved whether that be energy of worried residence or energy wasted trying to valid or disregard accusations.

It has been a rocky road in traveled in a neighborhood that has seen a rapidity of development that can but be described as staggering. The concerns of the long-term residents to the area have to be addressed as do the future prospects for the entire area. Those who undertake to do so must without disregard for the interests of the underprivileged speak to the heart of progress that the heavy investment may seek to stimulate.

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Ron Hershco Develops Long Beach’s Finest Luxury Condo – The Meridian

They say that if you work hard, you should play hard too.  These days, luxury condos are the talk of the town as those Long Beach residents who are able to afford these decadent living establishments are thrilled to have a quality and fairly-priced option available – the Meridian.

Ron Hershco, owner of a prominent real estate development company,  has added a touch of elegance and class to Long Beach.  This area is much-loved by those who live there, as it is a quick commute to Manhattan, and it also offers glorious white sandy beaches and a 2.2 mile boardwalk.  By opening these luxury condominiums, Hershco has provided an upscale option for those who want to enjoy the high life in Long Beach.

The Meridian is a stunning building, with all units facing the ocean front.  The building has a 24 hour doorman, allowing plenty of security.  This building has really brought Long Beach to a new level and residents seem to be excited to have this luxurious condominium as a part of their town.  While it may not yet be the Hamptons, Long Beach is a rapidly developing area with plenty of potential.

Even while the Meridian was still in its construction phase, there was a tremendous amount of interest.  With some units priced at over 1 million dollars, residents and interested parties certainly had their curiosity piqued over this development.  Today, there are many satisfied residents who have fallen in love with their living quarters.

Many Long Beach residents were surprised by how large of a market there actually was for the Meridian.  Many believe that the fact that Long Beach is a relatively undiscovered gem has driven those who are familiar to be quite interested in being one of the first to live in one of these immaculate luxury condominiums.

Residents of the Meridian are able to wake up each day and enjoy a swim in the in-ground swimming pool, or take a walk down the boardwalk, or just enjoy a book on the beach.  This wonderful area is quickly becoming a hot-spot for vacationers, as well as a wonderful haven for those who have lived there for years.

Ron Hershco has established his name by working hard, but also by working smart.  He has a unique sense for being able to determine what a town or city needs, and then acts on it.  He saw that there was a need for luxury condos in long Beach, and then went and made that dream a reality.  A known philanthropist, Hershco has touched the lives of many people through his generosity and tireless developmental efforts.

The Meridian is only one of Ron Hershco’s many projects.  He has donated buildings for art centers for disadvantaged youth, as well as developing luxury condos and more.  There is no doubt that Hershco will continue to make a difference in the lives of many in the New York area.  From Long Beach to Brooklyn, Hershco is consistently proving himself as a respected developer.

Ron Herscho Promotes the Slow But Sure Development of Queens

For architects and building developers, New York is a dream.  This city has ignited turf wars among passionate developers for years – one obvious example being the struggle for control of the World Trade Center site.  Slowly but surely prominent land is being claimed and new buildings are being constructed.  One particular area of interest is Queens.

Queen’s skyline has a very promising future, as many developers  are looking to add new life to the already vibrant area.  There are plenty of industrial and low-scale areas that have enormous potential to be used in much more productive and beneficial ways.  Ron Hershco is excited to be a part of this positive development.

When strolling through a part of New York like Manhattan where there has been plenty of development, turning it into a beautiful and culturally rich part of the city, it can be so easy to forget how it got there.  Developers like Ron Hershco have a unique gift of foresight that allows them to see beauty in otherwise desolate locations.

Everything started as simple land.  It is only through the tireless efforts of building developers that we have stunning cities like New York.  It is important that we don’t become complacent; instead we must strive to improve our surroundings and seek out better options for the generations of tomorrow.

Ron Hershco has an eye for improvement, and he has made a successful living by helping to improve metropolitan New York areas.  Whether it is adding an art center for underprivileged youth in Brooklyn, or building a luxury condominium in Long Beach, he is always looking for ways to make the future brighter.

Queens is currently being approached on a patch-by-pact basis.  This helps to preserve the integrity of the areas, while improving it in the long run.  There are so many unique areas in Queens that it can be a harrowing thought to imagine them being changed.  Fortunately, Ron Hershco understands the importance of quality planning and developing.

The development of Queens is certainly not a new undertaking.  This is a project that will take time.  It is exciting to consider what is in store for this rich and exciting city and Ron Hershco is truly thrilled to be able to be a part of it.  This unique area will certainly benefit from the renowned touch of NYC Real Estate Development mogul Ron Hershco.

While we cannot predict the future, we can certainly look at the track record of companies and see that the future of Queens is a promising one.  This piece by piece approach has been effective so far and there is no doubt that as new buildings are constructed and old ones are improved, New Yorkers will have even more to be proud of.

Ron Hershco and Oro II

The Oro I is a beautiful condo that sits off the Flatbush Avenue extension in Downtown which boasts some 40 stories of high rise architecture. The neighborhood can certainly appreciate its offerings in residential condos and accommodations as the Brooklyn cityscape without a shadow of a doubt is more and more attractive for leisure activities as it is rich in cultural diversity, music, and art  which no doubt lures many to travel to and live in the location. That is why the Ron Hershco project of Oro II has long drawn attention to the area as a sister to the already massive Oro I.

Much is to be considered by a developer that ventures to the landscape of the Northeast including the combination of the particular brand that will undertake the development and the particular market to be considered. Successful brands that have been long in the market have included the Marriott, Hilton, and the Hyatt. These are examples of strong mainstays that would not be expected to undertake a given project in just any given area relying only on brand recognition and the supposed superiority of their mark. Similarly, the Hilton brand’s development project with Ron Hershco would not be a project to be taken lightly or without extensive consideration and planning for implementation.

Ron Hershco and the Outline for the Oro II

What then would be the proposed building project in line for the Oro II? The location itself would be 313 Gold Street in the Brooklyn borough with its lively diversity. Location speaks a lot to the prospect of a development and perhaps that is why a street which owes its name to a precious metal would seem to speak to the hopeful outlook that the developers would have for the project with thoughts towards the future prestige of the project. The hotel project would be nested into a residential environment that would lend to the feeling of truly being ‘at home’ for some of the guests that are known to prefer long stays of several weeks or months.

The Ron Hershco project itself would incorporate several hundred rooms of a Hilton Garden Inn (some 256 to be exact) into the 38 story Oro II building along with a 108 room Homewood Suites. The two separate brands would not impose on each other while utilizing the same space as the construction would keep the two quite separate. The tower would support separate lobbies for each as well as elevators specific to the guests of each to provide access for their respective rooms.

The easy access to Manhattan provided by the location would be ideal for travelers that wanted to frequent the island for work or leisure thus the extra appeal of the concept that the Ron Hershco team would be developing. For those guests who do indeed plan on an extended stay, on top of the full service features of the hotels, there would be options in studios, one and two bedrooms that offer full kitchens along with separate living areas. Groundbreaking has long since taken place.

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Ron Hershco on Why Buying Another Home is a Smart Way to Make Money

Why Buying Another Home is a Smart Way Makes You Money Now

Today’s homeowner finds himself contemplating ways to meet the mortgage, especially in a wobbly economy that makes every dollar earned that much more precious.  Stretching your income to encompass the multitude of bills, projects, and household expenses has become a tricky game.  Which is why considering alternate means of padding your income is a new must in today’s world.  Ron Hershco, a leader in real estate development offers reasonable housing options, with quality and style.

So, how does this help you?  If you consider the fact that home prices are dropping daily, you may be amazed at how you can profit by considering a purchase now, rather than later.  Despite the economic downturn, lending companies are working with people who want to buy, making it possible for current homeowners to consider taking on additional properties, for low interest rates and more starting capital.  These properties can then be turned into lucrative additional incomes, through rent and resale options.

As real estate develops more toward the multi family-minded mentality, for both practical and environmental reasons, homes like those fabricated by Ron Hershco offer the opportunity to invest in an additional quality home, meaning you have the chance to own something that other buyers are interested in.  For a little forward thinking on your part, you can become an income property owner, providing a home for a renter who is looking for exactly what you can provide.

Gift From Ron Hershco Continues to Have a Positive Impact in Brooklyn

At times the landscape in East New York can seem like an overwhelmingly difficult one in which to stand out and become what could be considered an achiever. Especially for those that are born and raised in some of the lesser privileged sectors of the community, finding a means to build on one’s own character and work to create something positive can seem a real challenge. Ron Hershco is known for building in a literal way as he has contributed to the growth of many areas of the city as a real estate developer in the varied terrain of the Brooklyn area. Can a physical building contribute to the growth and building of individuals in a given environment?

What are some of the challenges that could deter personal growth in a difficult environment in particular? In East New York, Brooklyn a higher unemployment rate than the rest of New York as a whole and one that dwarfs the rest of the country can make an individual’s outlook seem bleak. Without a sense of being able to even make ends meet in such an environment, more than half of the area’s youth drop out of school which only worsens the prospects. A healthy outlet for such youth and other individuals to work to change such negative patterns is certainly cherished in The Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation established in 1995 which has since opened an Art Center in 2007 utilizing a building donated by Ron Hershco.

Ron Hershco’s Donation a Valued One?

The question of value can without a doubt been measured by different means whether they be economic indicators or certificates of accomplishment that are made to recognize those who have contributed to a given field. For an artist, recognition is probably more related to the amount of exposure that they or their work receives. As someone that values expressing their outlook on life, the world, or their community, it is important to be able to support the very means of continuing that form of expression. For youths who have not discovered any means of expression, finding that one has the ability to create is ever so valuable. A center that provides exposure for working artist’s while at the same time connecting with those who have never known art must be highly valued.

The building that was once in the possession of Ron Hershco has been so highly cherished in the East New York, Brooklyn community for some 5 years and has without a doubt been celebrated. In 2007 Time Warner hosted a benefit whose proceeds would be dedicated to supporting the art center thus recognizing it’s value in the community. Since the opening of the Rush Art Center, the venue has indeed been used to engage youth in the area and has been a beacon for all those artists who in it’s gallery have seen their art shine. How many of those future artists the community will breed only time will tell.

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Good Reasons to Buy a Condominium Now

With the struggles today to stretch your dollar as far as it can go, big purchases are scary to contemplate.  Many of us are hesitant to consider a new car, never mind a commitment as big as a new home.  Ron Hershco,  understands these concerns and the impact they make on a family’s decision on where to plant its roots.  With many distinctions in real estate development under his belt, Ron Hershco, on the board of various commendable charities and head of distinguished philanthropic endeavors, has devoted much professional expertise into creating homes for today’s market.

Purchasing a home can become a little less scary when you know the  facts.  And, as Ron Hershco has proven time and again, the fact is that now–more than ever–is a great time to consider a condominium over a single family house.  Consider some of the reasons:

Location — Purchasing a condo offers you a chance to get that lake-front or ski-friendly property that you’ve always wanted for a fraction of the cost of a single family option.

Community — It’s been shown that the sense of community fostered by buying your home in a condominium setting is significant.  Since many condo owners are long-term occupants, you forgo the revolving door of tenants that you may see in other apartment building settings.  As such, the opportunity to nurture friendships and increase networking capabilities is better.

Maintenance — When you buy real estate you can take a lot of the load and responsibility off your home maintenance that traditional single family housing options don’t offer.  This, in itself, is an enticement for today’s busy shopper.

Lower Cost — Condominiums offer comparable square footage, space, and even privacy options for significantly less money that a single family home.  Even better, with less money down when you buy, you can consider your condo purchase an investment down the road, and perhaps even rent or sell for a significant profit in the future.

Whichever reason suits your and your family’s needs, Ron Hershco has the right idea in multi family real estate development.  As a leader in his field, he sets the bar when it comes to making sure that popular housing trends cater to today’s home buyer.

The Benefits of a Multi Family Home For Today’s Society

With real estate prices soaring and the current economic climate dictating our every buying decision, today’s prospective homeowner faces some tough challenges when it comes to buying, renting, or leasing a home or property for their family.  Ron Herscho, understands these unique challenges, and focuses on ways to make real estate development work for today’s market and society’s needs.

This is especially important for the home buyers out there now.  While the number of homes for sale is overwhelming, the key is to choose the right option for an individual’s distinct needs, while making sure that they are getting the biggest bang for their buck.  Ron Herscho makes this possible, with an emphasis on meeting the latest in real estate trends, especially when it comes to creating affordable housing for the people who needs it most.

Multi family homes offer the benefit of individual housing in a structured community setting, which opens up a lot of options for people looking for reasonably priced houses, without sacrificing on style, comfort, and personal space.  Multi family homes can range from Duplexes, where two houses occupy one space while maintaining separate entrances, to townhouses, which are often considered a more luxurious option.  Townhouses are situated side-by-side, in any number of attachments, and offer the added bonus of being multi-leveled, which allows for more space when needed.

Ron Herscho, a household name in real estate development makes it possible for today’s family of any size to find the home that suits any need.