Gift From Ron Hershco Continues to Have a Positive Impact in Brooklyn

At times the landscape in East New York can seem like an overwhelmingly difficult one in which to stand out and become what could be considered an achiever. Especially for those that are born and raised in some of the lesser privileged sectors of the community, finding a means to build on one’s own character and work to create something positive can seem a real challenge. Ron Hershco is known for building in a literal way as he has contributed to the growth of many areas of the city as a real estate developer in the varied terrain of the Brooklyn area. Can a physical building contribute to the growth and building of individuals in a given environment?

What are some of the challenges that could deter personal growth in a difficult environment in particular? In East New York, Brooklyn a higher unemployment rate than the rest of New York as a whole and one that dwarfs the rest of the country can make an individual’s outlook seem bleak. Without a sense of being able to even make ends meet in such an environment, more than half of the area’s youth drop out of school which only worsens the prospects. A healthy outlet for such youth and other individuals to work to change such negative patterns is certainly cherished in The Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation established in 1995 which has since opened an Art Center in 2007 utilizing a building donated by Ron Hershco.

Ron Hershco’s Donation a Valued One?

The question of value can without a doubt been measured by different means whether they be economic indicators or certificates of accomplishment that are made to recognize those who have contributed to a given field. For an artist, recognition is probably more related to the amount of exposure that they or their work receives. As someone that values expressing their outlook on life, the world, or their community, it is important to be able to support the very means of continuing that form of expression. For youths who have not discovered any means of expression, finding that one has the ability to create is ever so valuable. A center that provides exposure for working artist’s while at the same time connecting with those who have never known art must be highly valued.

The building that was once in the possession of Ron Hershco has been so highly cherished in the East New York, Brooklyn community for some 5 years and has without a doubt been celebrated. In 2007 Time Warner hosted a benefit whose proceeds would be dedicated to supporting the art center thus recognizing it’s value in the community. Since the opening of the Rush Art Center, the venue has indeed been used to engage youth in the area and has been a beacon for all those artists who in it’s gallery have seen their art shine. How many of those future artists the community will breed only time will tell.

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