Good Reasons to Buy a Condominium Now

With the struggles today to stretch your dollar as far as it can go, big purchases are scary to contemplate.  Many of us are hesitant to consider a new car, never mind a commitment as big as a new home.  Ron Hershco,  understands these concerns and the impact they make on a family’s decision on where to plant its roots.  With many distinctions in real estate development under his belt, Ron Hershco, on the board of various commendable charities and head of distinguished philanthropic endeavors, has devoted much professional expertise into creating homes for today’s market.

Purchasing a home can become a little less scary when you know the  facts.  And, as Ron Hershco has proven time and again, the fact is that now–more than ever–is a great time to consider a condominium over a single family house.  Consider some of the reasons:

Location — Purchasing a condo offers you a chance to get that lake-front or ski-friendly property that you’ve always wanted for a fraction of the cost of a single family option.

Community — It’s been shown that the sense of community fostered by buying your home in a condominium setting is significant.  Since many condo owners are long-term occupants, you forgo the revolving door of tenants that you may see in other apartment building settings.  As such, the opportunity to nurture friendships and increase networking capabilities is better.

Maintenance — When you buy real estate you can take a lot of the load and responsibility off your home maintenance that traditional single family housing options don’t offer.  This, in itself, is an enticement for today’s busy shopper.

Lower Cost — Condominiums offer comparable square footage, space, and even privacy options for significantly less money that a single family home.  Even better, with less money down when you buy, you can consider your condo purchase an investment down the road, and perhaps even rent or sell for a significant profit in the future.

Whichever reason suits your and your family’s needs, Ron Hershco has the right idea in multi family real estate development.  As a leader in his field, he sets the bar when it comes to making sure that popular housing trends cater to today’s home buyer.

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