New York Has a New Skyline says Ron Hershco

Today was a milestone of a day for New York City. One Word Trade Center became the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, at 1,776 feet tall. The skyline will forever be changed and for those who remember the events on almost twelve years ago, this is a day that they will also never forget.

People say it all the time, and it couldn’t be more true. There’s no place like New York. As someone who has dealt with Manhattan real estate for years, it’s amazing to see the change that took place today.

From the Associated Press’ report of the morning ceremony:


A tall, heavy spire was fully installed atop One World Trade Center on Friday, bringing the New York City structure to its symbolic height of 1,776 feet.

Loud applause and cries of joy erupted from construction workers assembled below as the huge, silver spire was gently lowered and secured into place. “It’s a pretty awesome feeling,” Juan Estevez said from a temporary platform on the roof of the tower where he and other workers watched the milestone.

“It’s a culmination of a tremendous amount of team work … rebuilding the New York City skyline once again,” said Estevez, a project manager for Tishman Construction.He said the workers around him were “utterly overjoyed.”

Installation of the 408-foot, 758-ton spire was completed after pieces of it had been transported to the roof of the building last week. It will serve as a world-class broadcast antenna and also as a beacon to ward off aircraft.

Lee Ielpi, whose firefighter son died after responding to the attacks, watched workers secure the spire from his office at the nearby 9/11 Tribute Center, which he co-founded.”The building looks spectacular. … I’m looking forward to the day when the cranes come down and they light the spire at night,” he said. “It’s supposed to be a very moving experience.”

The tower is slated to open for business in 2014.

New York City definitely has a new skyline.

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