Ron Hershco 5 tips that will ruin your chances of selling your home

The recession has impacted the real estate market for a number of years and it’s not getting better for the foreseeable future. The prospect of selling your home quickly seems far off, but perhaps you’re not using the right approach or strategy to get a quick sell.

Ron Hershco, a real estate developer in New York, has some tips for you to consider if you want to increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

There are no pictures of your home

This is a necessity. In todays competitive world, having no pictures screams out to a buyer “skip me,” I haven’t bothered to market myself properly. Your listing needs to include lots of pictures and they need to be taken with a high quality camera. If you’re using a camera phone, make sure it’s at least 8MP.

You got to have curb appeal

Potential buyers like to scour listings, but the one’s that stand out have a nice landscaped garden in the front. If your house looks nice on the outside, buyers will be more inclined to see what’s in the inside.

Poor description of the property

Write a great description of what you are trying to sell and use some creativity. Remember to stay away from cliché phrases such as “best home on the market.” Be sincere in your words and you can comfortably say that your neighborhood is child friendly.

You priced your property too low

This can be seen as a red flag. Do your research and find out what other homes sold in your area. Understanding your market value is essential in getting your property sold quickly and for the price you want.

You’re home when the home is shown

This is a no-no. Home buyers like to have privacy when they are considering buying a home. Plus, they can’t visualize whether that property can be their home. Give them the space they need to make an informed decision.

Getting a quick sell isn’t difficult to achieve, but with the current economic challenges, it can be if you don’t follow some of the tips above. Essentially, be smart when you list your house and think about if you were a buyer what you would want.

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