Ron Hershco – 8 years, building project in Flushing nowhere to be seen

It’s been so long and if you ask the small business owners in Queen’s business district in Flushing, what’s happening with the development project that’s suppose to revitalize the area, they don’t know what to tell you.

The $825 Flushing Commons project is nowhere near to be making progress.

Back in 2005, Flushing based TDC Development, backed by Rockerfeller Group won the rights to redevelop a five-acre city owned parking lot and build 600 apartments, plus 420,000 square retail and office space. Plus, they were going to throw in a YMCA center and an additional 1,600 spaces.

But the project is not progressing and it was only until 2010 that Flushing Commons finally won the needed city council approval. TDC’s website says that the project will be completed by 2013 or 2014, but that’s unlikely due to the construction work involved, which will take easily more than three years.

According to Mr. Rim, who heads up Union Street Small Business Association, there’s already been an impact on small business owners in the area who have been forced to close down due to lack of parking in the area.

The small business owners are not convinced and they are not optimistic as they have seen no changes to the site for years. Ron Hershco says it’s important that developers try and complete their projects on time and balance out the interests of the whole community. This is a difficult situation, but everyone must work together to get this site developed.

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