Ron Hershco and Oro II

The Oro I is a beautiful condo that sits off the Flatbush Avenue extension in Downtown which boasts some 40 stories of high rise architecture. The neighborhood can certainly appreciate its offerings in residential condos and accommodations as the Brooklyn cityscape without a shadow of a doubt is more and more attractive for leisure activities as it is rich in cultural diversity, music, and art  which no doubt lures many to travel to and live in the location. That is why the Ron Hershco project of Oro II has long drawn attention to the area as a sister to the already massive Oro I.

Much is to be considered by a developer that ventures to the landscape of the Northeast including the combination of the particular brand that will undertake the development and the particular market to be considered. Successful brands that have been long in the market have included the Marriott, Hilton, and the Hyatt. These are examples of strong mainstays that would not be expected to undertake a given project in just any given area relying only on brand recognition and the supposed superiority of their mark. Similarly, the Hilton brand’s development project with Ron Hershco would not be a project to be taken lightly or without extensive consideration and planning for implementation.

Ron Hershco and the Outline for the Oro II

What then would be the proposed building project in line for the Oro II? The location itself would be 313 Gold Street in the Brooklyn borough with its lively diversity. Location speaks a lot to the prospect of a development and perhaps that is why a street which owes its name to a precious metal would seem to speak to the hopeful outlook that the developers would have for the project with thoughts towards the future prestige of the project. The hotel project would be nested into a residential environment that would lend to the feeling of truly being ‘at home’ for some of the guests that are known to prefer long stays of several weeks or months.

The Ron Hershco project itself would incorporate several hundred rooms of a Hilton Garden Inn (some 256 to be exact) into the 38 story Oro II building along with a 108 room Homewood Suites. The two separate brands would not impose on each other while utilizing the same space as the construction would keep the two quite separate. The tower would support separate lobbies for each as well as elevators specific to the guests of each to provide access for their respective rooms.

The easy access to Manhattan provided by the location would be ideal for travelers that wanted to frequent the island for work or leisure thus the extra appeal of the concept that the Ron Hershco team would be developing. For those guests who do indeed plan on an extended stay, on top of the full service features of the hotels, there would be options in studios, one and two bedrooms that offer full kitchens along with separate living areas. Groundbreaking has long since taken place.

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