Ron Hershco on Getting Your Start in NYC Real Estate

NYC Real Estate Ron Hershco

So you’ve just landed your first job as an agent. You’re probably wondering how you can work your way up. How you can stop showing run-down rooms in Spanish Harlem and the Bronx and move onto higher-priced properties, or sitting behind a desk while someone else does the showings!

Many people have worked their way up from where you are. Real estate mogul Ron Hershco is just one example. He got his start as an agent. And now he’s developing high-rise condo buildings in the city, as well as affordable housing and charity buildings for art classes for low-income kids. Having inside knowledge of how real estate works is key to climbing up the ladder. You won’t land a job as a higher-up without some real knowledge and a sense of the market. Have you lived in NYC for a long time? If not, you should brush up on the style and character of the different boroughs.  And even all the different neighborhoods within them. Knowing not just the real estate game but also the feel of NYC is important.

Because New York is the busiest and most populous city in the country, there’s always work in real estate. People are always moving in and moving out. But even finding the right company to work for can be difficult. When you are at an interview, be sure to mention that you want to be manager material some day. Showing your ambition is a good way to get your foot in the door. It’s also a way to see if the company is really right for you and open to promoting you. If there’s no way up, you can only go down!

Ron Hershco’s own approach to real estate involves working in several types of markets. He builds luxury condo high-rises as well as affordable housing, so if one market fails, the other might stay strong. Having all your eggs in one basket can be a bad idea. Another tip: be sure to dress your best and to “match” the style and personality of your clients and your bosses. You will sell more units if the people who are interested in renting think you’re friendly, and think you’re like they are. The same goes for managers. You want to act like manager material, dress like manager material, and show that you’re interested. The sky is the limit.

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