Ron Hershco Says Downsizing Has Its Advantages

When you live in New York City, the question of space when it comes to real estate is a big one. Whether you’re looking to sublet, rent or even buy, people want to know that they’re getting the maximum space for their buck. While some look at the expensive and trendy West Village, others are looking to move a bit north to the likes on Harlem to get the most bang for their buck.

A recent New York Times article followed a family as they looked to move from their Greenwich Village rental to a three-bedroom two-bathroom co-op. However, it seemed they couldn’t find what they were looking for close by. The family turned to Harlem and found just what they were looking for in a duplex at a building on Fifth Avenue and 127th Street, that was recently converted to condominiums.

The thing you have to remember with New York City real estate is that by staying flexible you’ll be able to have more options and might even be able to find the perfect space that you’re looking for. Don’t be turned off just by the sound of a location. There are renovations taking place across the city – annexes being built and new buildings sprouting up.

Have you ever thought about downsizing a bit and moving to a new location?

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