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Ron Herschco on Illegal NYC Housing Laws

Global rental website Airbnb, which connects short-term renters with budget priced room rentals, has found themselves on the wrong side of the law in NYC. Residents are restricted by NYC law from renting out rooms or apartments for fewer than 30 days, unless they are also living in the home as the same time as the visitor. This is contradicts the basic business plan of Airbnb.

Earlier this month, Ron Hershco commented on the Department of Buildings cracking down on real estate agents and brokers. Now it seems they are heavily pursuing non-licensed renters and average home owners as well.

According to Time Magazine it is not the first time Airbnb has been in trouble:

No stranger to similar controversies in other cities, Airbnb released a statement saying it will continue to fight the legal battle. While its  terms of service say that users are fully liable for complying with local laws, the company maintains that New York City’s laws are not aimed at individual tenants, but instead at preventing landlords from buying residential buildings and operating them as hotels, reports CNN Money. The San Francisco-based company, which currently operates in over 33,000 cities in 192 countries, has raised the ire of authorities elsewhere — most recently in Amsterdam, where the main issue is that local laws, such as paying tourist taxes, are circumvented with Airbnb transactions.

Since New York City’s mayor’s office of special enforcement began carefully scrutinizing short-term rental issues in 2006, it has received more than 3,000 complaints, conducted nearly 2,000 inspections and issued nearly 6,000 notices of violation, according to the New York Times. In January, the travel news site Skift estimated that approximately half of Airbnb’s listings  in New York City “are likely illegal.”

Have you ever rented to or from someone that could violate this new law? Do you know anyone who has?

Drop a Name Like Ron Hershco and You Might Get Some Attention

That’s what happened a few years back when a blogger misquoted the real estate developer regarding a building project that was supposedly to be undertaken by the city at the Whitman/Ingersoll Houses. The entire incident calls to mind the type of issues that face both the city and developers like Ron Hershco and the plight of the residents of many of the city’s public housing establishments.

The allegation of the blog was regarding the converting of the public housing into condos that would innately elbow out the current residents which is a fear that would not be without basis as the neighborhood has seen a transition in the last several years. Some projects have undertaken to preserve the residents in older and dilapidated buildings while other buildings close by have turned into luxury high-rises far beyond the reach of working class neighbors. The fear would be to be slowly excluded from the ones own neighborhood or even disappear entirely from its landscape.

Wrong Type of Attention Doesn’t Advance Renovation

Although the aforementioned allegations by the blog concerning Ron Hershco brought attention to the cities projects at the Whitman/Ingersoll Houses, it was indeed the wrong type of attention for the residents in the public housing establishment who had needed to move out for the buildings to be renovated. The project is still ongoing, and the city has insisted on its intentions of the residents being able to move back as many expressed desire to do so.

The fears of unoccupied apartments being used by drug-dealers is a valid fear that many have during the city’s work at renovation. The projects budget in order to adequately terminate all the projects involved including roofing, etc. would certainly constitute valid concerns. The duration of said renovations and the plight of families during the interim constitute other valid concerns. Creating public hysteria based on uncorroborated information is probably a bit less than valid. It’s the type of thing that really tends to waste needless energy of all involved whether that be energy of worried residence or energy wasted trying to valid or disregard accusations.

It has been a rocky road in traveled in a neighborhood that has seen a rapidity of development that can but be described as staggering. The concerns of the long-term residents to the area have to be addressed as do the future prospects for the entire area. Those who undertake to do so must without disregard for the interests of the underprivileged speak to the heart of progress that the heavy investment may seek to stimulate.

Based on Article: http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/30/31/30_31whitmans.html

Ron Hershco Develops Long Beach’s Finest Luxury Condo – The Meridian

They say that if you work hard, you should play hard too.  These days, luxury condos are the talk of the town as those Long Beach residents who are able to afford these decadent living establishments are thrilled to have a quality and fairly-priced option available – the Meridian.

Ron Hershco, owner of a prominent real estate development company,  has added a touch of elegance and class to Long Beach.  This area is much-loved by those who live there, as it is a quick commute to Manhattan, and it also offers glorious white sandy beaches and a 2.2 mile boardwalk.  By opening these luxury condominiums, Hershco has provided an upscale option for those who want to enjoy the high life in Long Beach.

The Meridian is a stunning building, with all units facing the ocean front.  The building has a 24 hour doorman, allowing plenty of security.  This building has really brought Long Beach to a new level and residents seem to be excited to have this luxurious condominium as a part of their town.  While it may not yet be the Hamptons, Long Beach is a rapidly developing area with plenty of potential.

Even while the Meridian was still in its construction phase, there was a tremendous amount of interest.  With some units priced at over 1 million dollars, residents and interested parties certainly had their curiosity piqued over this development.  Today, there are many satisfied residents who have fallen in love with their living quarters.

Many Long Beach residents were surprised by how large of a market there actually was for the Meridian.  Many believe that the fact that Long Beach is a relatively undiscovered gem has driven those who are familiar to be quite interested in being one of the first to live in one of these immaculate luxury condominiums.

Residents of the Meridian are able to wake up each day and enjoy a swim in the in-ground swimming pool, or take a walk down the boardwalk, or just enjoy a book on the beach.  This wonderful area is quickly becoming a hot-spot for vacationers, as well as a wonderful haven for those who have lived there for years.

Ron Hershco has established his name by working hard, but also by working smart.  He has a unique sense for being able to determine what a town or city needs, and then acts on it.  He saw that there was a need for luxury condos in long Beach, and then went and made that dream a reality.  A known philanthropist, Hershco has touched the lives of many people through his generosity and tireless developmental efforts.

The Meridian is only one of Ron Hershco’s many projects.  He has donated buildings for art centers for disadvantaged youth, as well as developing luxury condos and more.  There is no doubt that Hershco will continue to make a difference in the lives of many in the New York area.  From Long Beach to Brooklyn, Hershco is consistently proving himself as a respected developer.